JC Fisher – Recital at Sea and Favorite Tenor Songs – USB WRISTBAND


JC FISHER USB wristband loaded with both of his albums – 25 songs!  The only digital version of JC’s albums available anywhere.

“Recital at Sea,” from JC Fisher, founding member of The Texas Tenors is a glimpse into the early years of his musical journey.  Before JC started America’s favorite tenor group, he toured the world as a soloist performing in concert halls, festivals and on cruise ships.  He was able to capture one of his concerts live, and released it on CD in 2005.  He closed the book on his solo career, when The Texas Tenors hit the airwaves on America’s Got Talent in 2009.  The last decade, he’s been wowing audiences as a  member of the popular trio, accumulating awards and a huge fan base along the way.  Bring the stage into your home with a live showcase of arias, ballads and classic music.  Get your signed copy of “Recital at Sea,” and take a walk down memory lane with JC Fisher!

“Favorite Tenor Songs,” is a collection of your favorite Tenor arias from JC Fisher, founding member of The Texas Tenors. They have become known as ‘America’s Favorite Tenor Group,’ but each one was an accomplished soloist before bringing their talents together.  Prior to their rise to stardom on America’s Got Talent, JC toured the world performing in countless countries from concert halls to festivals with his award winning hit solo show.  His extensive travel allowed him to absorb languages, cultures and music from around the world.  This signed CD features a collection of his most popular Tenor arias performed early in his career. You will hear some beloved familiar tracks, and may even find a new favorite.  Enjoy!