Ruckus on the Ranch – Book


The Texas Tenors offer a tuneful, western-style romp on a ranch full of frisky critters. This charming story, illustrated vibrantly and playfully by Brian Fitzgerald, is the debut picture book by the wildly popular trio, who were the highest-ranking vocal group in the history of America’s Got Talent in 2009.

When the stallion, Wyatt, runs after the mare, Ruby, he starts a chain reaction as a cowboy, cowgal, and assorted ranch animals join the chase-around. What’s all the hubbub about? Wyatt just wants to play a game with Ruby! He doesn’t mean to cause such a ruckus!

The Texas Tenors—who have performed in more than eight hundred concerts worldwide over the last five years—recorded a song version of the story and are promoting it in their concerts, on their website, and in book signings.

Whoa, Ruby! Whoa, Wyatt! Y’all get back in place!
You’re causin’ a ruckus on the ranch!
You’re causin’ a ruckus on the ranch!

With the cowboy a-shoutin’
And the cowgirl a-yellin’
You’re causin’ a ruckus on the ranch!

The longhorn’s snortin’,
The dog went a-barkin’,
The hogs are gruntin’,
The chickens were a-cluckin’,
Getting in their way—
Hey! Hey!

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